Our Bamboo Organizer

Our Bamboo Organizer

ECO KITCHENWARE brings you the Bamboo Drawer Organizer, a bin where large, medium, small, and oddly shaped objects can be stored together in harmony. Organize your home cabinets, beauty supplies in your bathroom, or large sets of utensils in the kitchen drawer. It is also perfect for other types of storage, such as arts & crafts and sewing supplies.

Some items are just hard to organize, making the inside of your drawers an endless mess: electric knives, hair dryers, large kitchen utensils, spoons, pliers, rolling pins, hair flat irons, scissors, whisks, ladles, graters, wine openers… You know what we are talking about! We HAD that same problem. Not anymore—we solved it! And we want to share the solution with you.


CLEVER DESIGN: Diagonal slot arrangement lets you store extra long items as well as small and oddly shaped utensils. Tray’s outside dimensions are: 17” long X 12” wide X 2.5” deep.  

CUSTOMIZABLE: Slots can be removed to modify the bin’s size and shape, giving you organizing super powers!

SPACE SAVER: Conceived to be deep enough to fit bulky items and make the most of your drawer space.

SUPERIOR QUALITY & STYLE: [Sturdy/strong] construction and robust finish. We reinforced the bottom and used eco-friendly materials that will stand the test of time. Delightfully crafted! You are going to love its sophisticated look and rich feel.


KINDNESS: ECO KITCHENWARE invests a percentage of the proceeds in micro loans to help aspiring entrepreneurs facing the challenges of poverty.


This organizer box is specially designed to finally bring order to your messy drawers and help you maximize the space. Tray’s outside dimensions are: 17” long X 12” wide X 2.5” deep. It is intended to fit most drawers, but we recommend measuring your drawer before ordering to make sure it will fit!

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  • JamesRaw Posted April 24, 2020 11:39 am

    Appreciate it! It a great online site!

  • Becky Posted June 13, 2020 3:01 pm

    Do you make the diagonal one to fit a 24″ drawer?

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