We focus on using nature's own engineering to produce green, high-quality kitchen utensils, manufactured from sustainable materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, and/or safely disposable.

We offer only beautifully designed high-quality products with an efficient ecological footprint for enhancing our daily lives. We want to improve our customers’ everyday with practical yet superior solutions.

We want an all-around better world. Hence, a percentage of all our products’ proceeds are invested in micro loans to help aspiring entrepreneurs facing the challenges of poverty.

Our Story

Eco Kitchenware is a family-owned business.

A life-long passion for cooking runs in our family. But we also grew up with a deep concern for the environmental and social problems facing our planet. This was our inspiration for launching a brand of eco-friendly kitchenware.

Our goal is to stand out as a brand that offers value to our customers with high-quality, sustainably produced kitchen utensils. Also, thanks to your purchase, we are able to donate a percentage of all products’ proceeds toward helping others in need.

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