Extra Large: 17”x13”x ¾”

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Manufactured from sustainably harvested bamboo and made out of a single flattened piece.


17” X 12” X 2.5”

Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Fits larger utensils up to 15” long, and 2.5” depth to increase storage capacity.


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Our Bamboo Cutting Board

Our Bamboo Cutting Board

SUPERIOR TO MOST BOARDS ON THE MARKET. We love cooking and know that the magic starts at the chopping...

Taking care of your  bamboo cutting board recommendations

Taking care of your bamboo cutting board recommendations

Cutting boards are probably one of the most used tools in your kitchen—well, in yours and in mine. I love...

Our Bamboo Organizer

Our Bamboo Organizer

ECO KITCHENWARE brings you the Bamboo Drawer Organizer, a bin where large, medium, small, and oddly shaped...